True Identity

So today’s blog is quite special to me. This was a collective effort to say the least. There was no way I could’ve gained such insight without these amazing people. A village is much more helpful than solitude sometime. In knowingly, I went on a voyage to better understand others perspectives on this particular topic. I sought after those whose life sparked my interest; world travelers, poets, real estate agents, actors, entertainment managers, and entrepreneurs to name a few.

We all go through this phase, well at least majority of us do. A “who am I” phase. An “identity crisis” phase. In a world full of “actors" we still search for our real slim shady. Either that or we keep acting in hopes that our true identity magically metamorphosis into the present day. Some get the hang of it though. Despite being engulfed in a world full of smoke and mirrors they feel the pull to still be authentic. The pull from something deep inside; greater than themselves or current situation, to still be who they are.

Of course I don’t believe it just happens. There is work involved. There goes that doggone word again, “work.” ( 2nd blog; The Struggle) Anyway, I wanted to hear others point view on this subject. Well more about the work part. The actual work involved in finding your true identity. I surveyed seven trusted individuals and asked them one very important question. “When discovering your own identity what makes you feel one step closer?”

The answers they provided were quite informative. Take a look

We all are born distinctively. However, not everyone operates in their uniqueness or even know who they are. We struggle with our own identity and try to carbon copy our way up. “When discovering your own identity what makes you feel one step closer?” Pick three and explain

  • A Connection with your Ultimate source (GOD, Buddha, meditation ,etc..)

  • Finding a Mentor

  • Having daily motivational source

  • Evaluating your circle (people in your life)

  • Letting go and cutting off distractions

  • Alone time

  • Traveling

  • Trying new things

  • Therapy

  • Self-reflection

  • Explore your gifts

Jason Little


This is Excellent!! I believe that this gets down to the root of finding your true self! I believe that we all are constantly searching for who we are. The 3 items I identify with on your list above is a connection with the ultimate source (which is God/Universe), Exploring my Gift and letting go and cutting out distractions!!

The one that has been the most affective for me is letting go and cutting out distractions because it allows me to be fully present in the world and be lead by the universe/God!

Sista S.O.L.S

Poet| Author| Blogger| Actor| Educator

Traveling, Explore your gifts, and A Connection with your ultimate source.

Exploring my gifts definitely helps me feel closer to who I am and funnily enough it could involve almost all of these other things (ie: alone time, self-reflecting, therapy, traveling, letting go and trying new things) My gifts have been found in my passions which isn't always art (surprising I know).

Brennan Keys


When it comes to personal growth and development, I feel most confident and fulfilled when my relationship with God is consistent and flourishing.

Over the years, I’ve identified that I fall short of my goals when I spend too much time alone. It has always been easy for me to withdraw from my social circles and isolate myself, but adulthood has shown me the importance of intentionally making time for my friends and family. I draw motivation from reaching out to like-minded people and have made it a priority to pursue these conversations regularly.

Being easily distracted has plagued my growth in my 20’s. Laziness and procrastination sound like such dirty words but, in the moment, are incredibly appealing detours from your daily to-do list. Before you know it, that list grows out of control like The Blob and your goals begin to seem more unrealistic. I’ve made a commitment this year to map out time to disconnect and just work on myself… no social media, no TV, no unrelated tasks, more reading, more research and more hustling.

More important than both of these revelations, however, is the constant reminder that building with good intentions on rocky foundation will still be in vain. Being intentional about connecting with God daily (throughout the day) always yields better results than trying to operate in my own strength. Having a regular prayer life and Scripture to refer to when temptations, distractions and frustrations come make it easier to stay more focused and motivated to accomplish my goals. My relationship with God helps me to learn more about myself, in good ways and bad.

Shenteria Marie

Author| Voice Over Actress| Entrepeneur| Investor| Fiverr Artist| Upwork Top Rated Seller

My 3 best choices: 1.A connection with your ultimate source. 2.Letting go and cutting off distractions 3.Explore your gifts

Why I think a connection with God ultimately helps me feel closer to discovering my own identity or being true to who I am is because God knows me more than I know myself. The closer I get to him the more I am able to recognize who I truly am and what I should be doing with my life. As you said we are bombarded with so many other identities of others that we struggle to not be a carbon copy, therefore with God being the creator of all and connected to all of us we can better access our unique selves through him since he sees us for the unique personalities that we are. Through him do I recognize my own talents/gifts and am able to showcase them instead of comparing myself to others and feeling like I am unworthy of showcasing those strengths. He keeps me centered, humble, and true to who I am instead of embarrassed, fearful, and anxious; those bad habits that stop people from discovering their identity.

Shellita Dillion Coleman

CEO of She's-In-4Tainment, Sexual Health Expert

Letting go and cutting off distractions is key to your success! Often times whether it's loyalty to a person or you feel comfortable around someone, related to or grew up with someone your spirit of letting them go can be cloudy. But I believe that if that person has a negative or bad energy that makes you feel a certain way or you notice they seem to drain you every time you come around, it is probably best to let go! The key to success is in the company you keep. Do not ever let anyone guilt you into allowing them make you feel bad when it's time to cut them off.

The same with distractions. Distractions are all around us. That's why it's important to practice discipline. When you add up the time you spend on social media you notice it's probably a significant amount of time you could use to focus on your self-development. I know it's hard, but your future self will thank you. When wondering if you should cut something out of your life (whether it be people, places, and things) do self-inventory. How does this add to my life? What did I gain? What would I gain if this barrier was removed? Does this person, place, or thing add value to my life, or take away?

I suggest you write it down so that you can actually see, then make a decision on what to do from there! Greatness awaits you!


Artist management/A&R rep

Letting go and cutting off distractions for me. When I allowed myself to be surrounded by people that I really did not know I found myself feeling as if I needed these people in my life. Why did I feel as if I needed these people in my life was the question that I had to ask myself. When I started asking myself that question I realized that the people started falling out of my circle. Mainly because I did not connect with them. Why be around people that you have nothing in common with? Why be around people that do not have goals like you do? I only felt that I needed these people because hanging out with them was just "something to do." I needed more than that. Hanging out with "nothing people" doing nothing is not a successful life.

I will only allow myself to be surrounded by positive people doing positive things. I extended my education so that I could extend my skills and self worth. Be around people that make you feel like you are proud to be the person that you are. Be around people that make you love you!

Dannie Boyd

Writer, Photographer

Explore your gifts


Trying new things

I think exploring your gifts helps you feel closer to your true self because it allows you the opportunity to uncover all the you’ve learned over the years and use that knowledge to create what’s in your spirit. It allows for the perfect opportunity to take what you have and create what you desire. The end product always makes me feel like I’ve grown closer to myself.