As I begin to write, the first thing that comes to mind is that I would not have chosen to arrive to this part of my journey other than the way in which I have come….

Allow me to give you the introduction to my journey, I wake up every morning, sit up in my bed, take a long stretch with my arms lifted in the air and the sun peeking through the window and tell Alexa to play Jill Scott’s Golden…..............REWIND, SIKE!

Many mornings I am awaken by my mind circulating thousands of thoughts and stressors at 200 mph. Those thoughts are geared towards what I must tackle that day; the job, the bills, my daughters etc…but never the thought of taking care of me!

......How did I get here?

I was raised by parents that were of a mindset that a young lady doesn’t leave home until she is married and should not live without a “prince” coming to rescue her. When I experienced “independence”, I was 26 years old and married. I left the home of my parents a married woman. The union was everything, we created the American Dream; a beautiful home, three beautiful daughters, we had even been referenced to the Obamas because we looked perfect. However, it wasn’t!

I felt trapped in a story that was not my own but one that had been narrated for me and I followed suit and did as I was told. I went from the control of my parents to sharing my life with a whole other human being. We both became consumed with each other, lost in our own world, forsaking any others to enter. It was me, him and our daughters, that was all I knew.

Then it happened one day, I suddenly woke up and wanted to escape! I loved my family nucleus that we had created but in the process of that creation, I had lost myself. I had no life outside of him and our children. Everything that I was, was centered around those individuals. So, on that day I started doing some things differently!

I walked away…AND THAT IS OKAY!

Conclusion to be continued…

Thank you Jania for sharing your truth!!

It takes an immense amount of courage to take a step away to find oneself? It can be darn near frightening but the path to self discovery is far demential if left uncharted.

How can you relate to Jania's story? Is there a piece of you thats feeling like "this isn't it?" There is something different or more for me?

Is there something you have to step away from to step into the journey of finding yourself?