Life never stops for your convenience. I wanted to have this elaborate in depth interview with a special guest. However, per usual life has its ways of testing your commitment and I have to admit I nearly failed the test.

Let me lay out all the circumstances for you. First off, I have been at the point of self evaluation. There are some things in my life I want/need to change. I’m ready to go to another level. I’m not satisfied with my current situation. Many people, of course, wouldn’t admit that but who cares. There are times when you stop and evaluate each aspect of your life and determine your contentment with it. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing lately. And I must say, I’m not too pleased. I can say that, it’s MY life. I have allowed myself to be governed by too many other factors other than FAITH.

I say faith because faith doesn’t have any limitations or rules that it abides by when it come to obstacles. It doesn’t agree with your self pity. It doesn’t accept excuses. It doesn’t feed into your voids. It just does what it’s meant to do, BELIEVES….nothing less.

I wasn’t going to talk about this when I wrote this blog but, it just happened….. and NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. MAYBE it was a way of God allowing me to push you as I push myself.

Anyway, this past weekend brought forth an army of road blocks that I was forced to battle with and overcome. Second, I rushed my mom to the hospital on top of dealing with myself. I was in the hospital with her most of the weekend. I randomly got a text from her saying “Sick Pray” and had a urging to call. After calling it was apparent that it was an emergency. Come to find out that phone call saved her life. So…… I spent most of my writing time taking care of my beloved mother. No complaints here.

Third, the rest of the time I could’ve spent working on my blog/life, I was procrastinating. Honestly, it was a mixture of laziness and intimidation. Yes let me be the one to tell you pursuing your dream is at times very intimidating.

In result, I wanted to put a “Be Back Next Week Photo” out and call it a day. However, life (GOD) has his way of pushing you through even when you have no desire or strength to push yourself. I called one of my best friends and asked “ can I just postpone for this week”. He replied “you could postpone it and would have a legitimate excuse for it, or you could push through and tell what happened. It’ll display how human you are and how the pendulum of misfortune comes and goes in ones life.”

MORAL OF THE STORY: You have so many acceptable reasons to stop.

Think about what I just said. “ You have so many ACCEPTABLE reasons to stop.”

BUT.....you're reading this new blog post right?

Remember God provides strength at your weakest moments. He walks you across the very bridge you want to jump off of lol. Commitment has no excuses. Faith has no limitations. In addition, surround yourself with people who push the hell of out you because they will be the ones who answer at what could be your final call.

The End!!!

WELL until next week!! OH I have special surprise blog for you lol.. someone else is up next!